Flaugh's Flaws
Flaugh's Flaws

Friday, October 06, 2006

I thought last night was the night...

So I dont normally post about the sleeping arragnements in the house because I dont want to be critizied for how we sleep. Because I know we've started a habit that is hard to break. And when we have another baby, we will know better. So yes, we are co sleepers. But it works for us. It started when he was born, I just felt more comfortable with him on my chest. Then as he got older it was just easier. He has never slept a whole night in his crib. He will sleep for about 5 hours then wake up. And by then I'm so sleepy I just put him in bed with us. BUT he is a bed hog and I'm tired of getting kicked in the face. LOL. I'm laughing but its true. So since the crib wasn't working, a friend of ours gave us the cutest fire truck bed and we've been trying that. With the same results...4 or 5 hours and guess what? He wakes up for that drink and realizes where is his and cries and cries. Now even though he has his own bed, it too is in our room. That's just because his bed room is on the other side of the house and if he woke up and went to our room he would still have to travel through the hall and kitchen to get to us. That makes me very nervous. When he's older I will probably love it. But now I see him falling, or being half asleep and hitting his head on the kitchen table....or waking up all the way and deciding to play in the kitchen. Now I have very smart kid, he knows how to move the kitchen chairs to get what he wants. I'm sure a lot of this sounds like excuses to everyone. Sometimes I feel like we make up excuses too. We enjoy having him close to us. Scott does too. I'm just at a loss now. He's almost 2 and its time. Just like its time to give up the paci. But I don't want to do both at once...agghhh!!! I guess we just have to keep trying and hope for the best.

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