Flaugh's Flaws
Flaugh's Flaws

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Good Morning

So I've noticed my blogging is kind of slacking with
my entries, with the banned books,and payperpost, my normal post have been lacking. So hopefully I can get back into the swing of things. I go back to school tomorrow. We have to be there early to get our schedules and books. Class starts at 815. Blah. I've been spoiled with class starting at 1015. But I'm glad I'm getting more classes. We should also get our report cards this week. I'm just curiouse on how I did on my exams. I think I did good, but I guess I need the reassurnce. This weekend we've been pretty active. Cleaning and rearragning furniture. Our office looks quite nice if I do say so myself. I actually have a place where I can study now. We also rented some movies, and watched them. The Lake House, which was just awesome. I was crying like a baby. And Just my Luck, which suprisingly was pretty funny. Not a big fan of Lindsay Lohan, but it was a cute movie. Tanner has been on the go, go, go. Non stop. But he's being good so its okay. All he wants to do is color and play with his camera. (He likes to play with ours so I gave him an old disposable one). He loves to act like he's taking pictures. Which is cool with me. Maybe one day he'll become a famouse photograhper. Who knows. He's also starting to talk more. Which is wonderful. I have been worried about his speech, because he doesnt say words, he just jibber jabbers. But in the past few days, he's started saying "Peese" (please) and "taa eww" (thank you). Of course he knows his animals...cow, doggie, and kitty. Which he says right. But he still does the "Uh Uhhh" and reaches for stuff when he wants something. SO I tell him what it is and try to have have him repeat it, he then throws himself on the floor to pitch a fit. So I walk away and we try again later. I don't know why my child is so stubborn. I wonder if its the whole "when you grow up your children are going to be just like you thing" our parents threatened us with at one time. Note to self, must ask if I was stubborn. I know Scott was. I hear stories all the time about how he would sit out front on the sidewalk with his arms crossed if he didnt get something he wanted.LOL. Okay well I'm going to get out of here and eat some breakfast, and dance in the kitchen with my monster. (Our morning ritual). Oh yeah the last picture here notice bedhead bad, but the red stuff is crayon. Who thought it would write so well on skin. LOL.

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