Flaugh's Flaws
Flaugh's Flaws

Thursday, September 28, 2006

A little ticked off

I know I have ranted about these teenaged brats that walk through my yard, but I swear I'm going to loose it and cuss them out. I have been out there twice today telling them to stay out of my yard. I really dont mind little kids, (under 8) walking through are yard seeing we live on a busy street. But the older kids they know better. I'm like this if you're old enough to ride a bike on a busy road then your old enough to walk on the side. It may sound mean. It just makes me wonder what kind of parents they have. I mean were they taught not to respect others? Honestly do I have to tell you every damn day for you to hear me? Personally I think the only then that is going to make them listen is me calling the sheriffs dept. Which I might do when I go look at the side of my house. It sounded like someone was throwing things at it. Scott and I cleaned the siding 2 weeks ago, I swear to you if they've egged it or thrown something that made a mess I swear they are going to see a grown woman throw a hissy fit. The neighbors really dont want me calling the cops seeing that they've had DFAX and the marshalls dept out there this week. I hate to be like that. I hate sounding like some mean bitch, but that is one thing that irks me, disrespectful kids. I know it starts at home, but these kids are old enough to make the choice to behave....AGGGHHH!!!
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