Flaugh's Flaws
Flaugh's Flaws

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Just a quickie

Just posting really quick before I hit the books. Tanner is at my in laws, and the house is so quite. Its kind of nerve wracking to have no noise but the tv. I'm so use to "mommy" all the time and I already miss it. And to top it all off I wont hear it for the next 4 hours. Yes I know I'm gone from him while I'm in school, but that's usually the only time. I dont send him somewhere when I'm still home. Sighs. So exams are tomorrow. I get out of school at 115, and I dont have to go back until Monday, and sometime next week I will find out if I made the Deans List or not. Well I am off to put some food in a belly and sit down for some studying . So I probably wont be back tonight. Until tomorrow everyone.

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