Flaugh's Flaws
Flaugh's Flaws

Monday, September 25, 2006

A promised picture and some other crap

Okay so I promised a picture of my new, cool glasses. So here they are. Please only pay attention to the glasses as my skin looks awful. Lets see what else is going, I know its begining to sound repetative, but I got another A on an English test. Just 2 more test to go this quarter. The 2 most important. Finals are on Wed. I just called my mother in law to see if Toot could go to her house for a few hours tomorrow so I can study. I know he doesnt understand, but I need some time to read. Whenever I have a book he wants me to read with him, or let him color in it. SO he will be gone from 4-8 so I can do some last minute studying. I know in the past few days there has been a repeat with some of my payperpost, post, but apparently I can't read insturctions. After 3 of my post were regected, I had to post them all again, with a normal post in between. I missed the part where they cant be back to to back. So for all of you who frequent here I am sorry. Just skip those post and read the new ones. I think I'm back on track now. Hopefully it won't happen again. Scott had to go back to work today. Its been nice having him home for a week. But I think he missed going to work though. Other than there isnt much to talk about. Toot is taking a nap so I'm going to clean up a little and sit down and study.
Its the little things I will miss with Scott going back to work. I love seeing him and Tanner play together, they have their own little games, it great to watch!!
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