Flaugh's Flaws
Flaugh's Flaws

Friday, July 28, 2006

Tanner and now Me...

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So I've been tagged by Tonya.

*Alone or with people? Definately with people. I am a people person, my sister always complains that I talk to much...I couldnt stand to be alone

*Summer or Winter? Winter. Because winter in Georgia, is like fall other places. It gets chilly and just cold enough that its nice to cuddle under a blanket, and then of course there's Tanner's bday and Christmas.

*Black or White? Both, cant choose just one

*Observe, or get along from the very first moment? I get along pretty much with everyone from the start, but I'm kinda guarded until I know them very well

*Clown, or Drama (Queen/King)?I think I have my moments as both. If you ask Tanner I'm a clown, if you ask people at work, here lately they'd probably say drama queen

*A Hummer, or A BMW convertible car? If I could afford the gas...a hummer. The more room the better when you have kids

*Loyal or………I am very loyal. To my friends and family. Even to my job. Sometimes too much I think

**3 people I tag, are Beck, Tif, and Steph. (Sorry I cant link to you...again the problem with the computer)

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