Flaugh's Flaws
Flaugh's Flaws

Friday, July 28, 2006

He's Back!!!

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Yep, my little boy is feeling better and is on the go again. Can we all say Yippee!!! Its been a rough week. We have been at the dr, everyday except Thurs. So we took him of his medicine and guess what?! No more episodes. No crying, no pain, and he's eating again. So now we wait. We're all a little scared that that he may become constipated again, hoping not. But its a possiblitly. But we are now giving him prune juice daily insted of medicine. Well today was his official "18 month" check up even though he's 19 months. Everything looks good. He weighs 25 pounds (he lost a pound this week). He's 32 inches tall. He's right in the 50 percentile for everything. He's on target with development too. He had to get one shot, and they checked his iron again to make sure his counts havnet dropped. And he's still within the normal range. Which is awesome. SO no more doctors until he's 2. Love it!! He's been eating all day. And I've been letting him. Probably no the best thing to do. But he's got some catching up to do.

What else is going on. On a kinda bummed note, I didnt get the job I was hoping for. SO starting Monday I'm off too look and apply. I am hoping to be out of my job by Christmas. Scott and I have also talked about me going to school. We will see how that goes.

Last but not least. Let me apologize in advance because our computer is still acting screwy. I cant upload any new pics. Its taken forever to publish post. Someone is suppose to come out and check our modem, but they wont be here until Wed. So that leaves us kinda back to the stone age of dial up speed. Which justs sucks butt!!!

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