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Flaugh's Flaws

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Tanner does the ER

Tanner in the ER
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So I'm having my sister do this for me via email, since my computer is being so extremely stubborn and wont let me upload anything. I cant even upload comments on blogs right now. Let me say thanks to Beck for posting my comment for me. Thanks hon. Okay so let me start with yesterday. Around 445 yesterday Tanner started crying (remember I had said he had been fussy the day before) so at first I thought that's what it was. But his cry was different. It was a pain cry and I felt his stomach because that's what the problem has been in the past few weeks. And it was rock hard. Which kinda freaked me out because Scott said he had 2 good poops. Well he cried and cried for an hour so I finally broke down and called the phone nurse and she told me that if he had been crying that long he needed to go to the ER and be checked. Here comes the fun part. Scott had my car, and the truck was out of gas. Where he works there are no direct phone lines, so the only way I can get in touch with him his via email. SO that's what I do. Meanwhile I called Beck to see if she could take me just in case Scott doesn't get the email. Bless her heart. She tried and tried to help me find a number to get hold of Scott with. (There is an emergency number but do I have it..of course not). But by the grace of God he gets the email and gets home as quick as he can. (It was storming so it took him a while longer) by the time he gets here, Tanner has stopped crying but I think it was from exhaustion. So lets fast forward to the ER. (The hospital is a teaching one, so just imagine it like the ER TV show) We were seen quickly. First we saw "Carter" (back when he was a resident). He looked at Tanner's ears, nose, throat. Pressed the belly Listened to his belly and stood back and looked pretty (he really did) and listened to what we said. He then goes, I'm going to talk to the Pediatrician on call. 15 minutes later...enter "Doug Ross" (George Clooneys character). He redid everything the first guy did, and then he proceed to give Tanner and internal exam (think prostate exam for men) my little man screamed and cried. Which in turn broke my heart and made me want to kill him. Then he said he thinks the medicine that Tanner is on is giving him gas. And that would cause stomach cramps (if George Clooney had told me that, I might be okay with it, but his guy was NO Clooney) so he then says he will be back. I think about 15 minutes pass and Toot finally calms back down...Then come" Carter", "Ross", and "Weaver" (I'm guessing she was the chief resident). She does a repeat of what the other 2 have done and I'm like okay now...and the "Ross" tells us he has to do another internal exam because he forgot to check for blood!! I was almost in tears. No joke. So again my poor baby is screaming and crying. And they all agree with the "gas" diagnosis. Before we leave the "Carter" guy comes back with a popsicle and makes friends with Tanner. Then he tells us that is rare but it happens that babies bowels sometime twist and cause tons of pain. He said there wasn't any sign but it doesn't mean its not there. So we thanked him and left. We get home around 1145 eat, and get in bed. That lasted less than an hour. Tanner woke up crying, and crying and crying. Scott and I took turns rubbing his belly, walking, and rocking. He finally passed out from sheer exhaustion. But he didn't sleep good. He woke up a lot. Which means so did we. So I didn't go to work. I called his Dr and made an appt. They got us in pretty quick. I told her everything that had happened. And she just listened to his belly. And felt it. She said she didn't think it was the medicine because he's been on it for over 10 days. She said that everything felt okay. But she did think he had a virus. (Remember the fever over the weekend) She said she had another patient today who had the same problem. No other symptoms but really bad cramping. She said that made more sense that his medicine all of sudden doing it. She also talked to me about the twisted bowel. She said she is confident he doesn't have it because he let her feel on his stomach with out screaming. She said that if it happened again tonight to call the night nurse, and tell her she said to page her and she would run X-rays and blood work. (and that is why I like our Dr better) He has to go back on Friday. So far, he's been very clingy but no more crying. (Which makes me feel she's right about the virus). So I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Thank you for all your concern. It really means a lot. I will try to keep everyone updated, but it really depends on what my stubborn computer decides to do.

(Things are finally working so I'm reposting from flickr. Sorry if your comments were erased)

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