Flaugh's Flaws
Flaugh's Flaws

Saturday, July 22, 2006

An end of my week

Look at me....
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Aaagghh!!!! Tension breaker. My whole week at work has been hell. I dont know if its because I've made the desicion to leave or if things are truly getting worse. I'm thinking, its a little of both. For those of you who know where I work, lets just say that I have worked everywhere this past week. It drives me crazy. I swear to you. I dont mind helping people out and work when they need, I really dont. BUT let me finish my job first. I am responsible for my area, let me get it straight and I will come help. Lets just say, I was pretty much told my area is unimportant. GO figure, but at the end of the day when my area isnt done, what happens? It falls on me without fail. I can get my job done. I always do. So why cant everyone else???? Sorry that wasnt suppose to come out. I know some people have huge areas. Okay, okay....1,2,3,4....I feel better now. Lets just say when I got in my car to come home yesterday, the relief was over whelming.

On a positive note, my little man is 19 months old today. Time is flying. We've come to learn he is a comedian. Much like his daddy. I wish I could drive and video tape at the same time, but seeing I did just wreck my car a couple of months ago thats probably not a good idea. We were going to my in laws yesterday (I was driving) and Scott was making faces at Tanner playing a little game. I noticed Toot looked like he was going to sleep, and Scott turned around and made a face, and it kinda went unnoticed, until Scott turned around and Tanner just busted out laughing...like haha, I got you daddy. So I looked in the rearview, and noticed he was doing it again. And each time, Scott turned back around, Tanner would yell with laughter. It was great. And too funny if you were there. Well I'm off to start the laundry. Everyone is still asleep and this is "My" time. And I using part of it to pray for rain, any one else want to pray with me....

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