Flaugh's Flaws
Flaugh's Flaws

Saturday, April 08, 2006


Well I get home from work yesterday and the first thing I see is a pile of gravel in our neighbors yard. So of course I'm curious and ask Scott if he saw what was going on and he said some guy just dropped it and left. No big deal its way on their property. Well Scott leaves and at 20 minutes later I look outside to see this being delivered. And I start to panic. I was oh no they are going to fill this in now and we are going to have to go to court...thanks Beck for listening to me rant...so I email Scott at home to see if he can come home. Because if they finished feeling it in it would be...ugh. So he finally gets home and grabs the paperwork that shows all the property lines and goes next door. He was over there for 20 minutes at least and came home okay. He talked to the lady and said she was nice and told her she was on our land. He told her he didnt want to be the bad neighbor and she said that she really didnt realize that they had gone that far over the property line. And she promised it would be fixed. Because all the pipes they laid were wrong and they had to pull them up and redo them. Scott told her if she needed any help he'd be more than happy to help. She told them that when she bought the land she was told it already had the water lines, meters, and septic tank and it was ready to move in Well suprise thats not what she came into. She's a single mom with four kids and she has to save to do everything. That back hoe cost her $400 a day. And guess what? Its been storming all day long. So they havent got anything done. So needless to say I feel like a complete b@!*h for complaining about everything. But she did promise it would all be fixed. Okay just thought I would up date. Later ya'll
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