Flaugh's Flaws
Flaugh's Flaws

Monday, April 03, 2006


Well here is one picture of Mary & Jon right after they got married. They were married at Savanah Rapids. Its right on the river. It was really nice. The room they got married in you could see all the trees and the river. It was an awesome back drop for pictures and the wedding. They went all out for their wedding but it was so fun. Mary and Jon are just easy going, fun people to be around and their wedding showed that. There were little Jokes during the ceremony (of course they got married on April fools day) so I'm sure that had some thing do do with it. So I just want to say congrads you two, here's to many more years together.....AND NOW updates on my littlest man. Who is doing wonderful. He has 6 teeth coming in at last count poor little guy. But he hasnt been fussy or anything. He's been a little clingy but thats okay, because mommy loves to get the snuggles in. But of course it like 85 degrees here and my child is the human heater. So our snuggles come in spurts. He gets up mos of the time. He takes after his daddy. Okay, I'm off for now. Everyone let me know if I fixed the problem and you can read this. I really hope so because I dont want to loose almost a years worth of post. Well I'm off, for real this time. LOL
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