Flaugh's Flaws
Flaugh's Flaws

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Just stuff

Well I was informed by someone who also reads my other blog that they had never seen this picture before. My fault. I had planned on posting it but I forgot. This was taken the Sunday before his hair cut. The chair he is sitting in actually belonged to his daddy when he was a baby. He still has "Scotty" carved in the bottom. I think its awesome that he has something like that of Scott's. I asked my mother in law if she had a picture of Scott in it so I can put them together. If I get one I will share. He's been a little stinker these past few days. He's learned some new form a giberish. It kinda sounds like bedabedabeda...he goes on and on, and thinks its hilarious when you do it. I've come to realize I have a pretty funny kid. He makes everyone laugh, and making him laugh is great. Because he thinks everything is funny. I shake my hair; he laugh; I take off my glasses; he cracks up; Scott sticks out his tounge; or if we act like we're putting his pacy in our mouth you should hear him. One day I will catch him in one of the laughing fits and record it. Well I'm off for now. Later.
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