Flaugh's Flaws
Flaugh's Flaws

Friday, January 27, 2006

Well I'm back

Well, its been awhile. My two days off with my hubby were wonderful. We went to the movies with our friends Mary & Daniel tues. and saw UnderWorld 2. It was good. I like those kind of movies. Then Wed. we went to dinner with my friend Annette and her husband Travis. He just got back from Iraq on Fri. So it was good to see him home and safe. It just sucks that he has to go back superbowl weekend. But he's home for good in May. What else is there to post about...oh yeah. Our little monster. The Dr. called me Wed and let us know he is anemic. He has to take iron drops twice a day for a month then we go back and see. Apparently some of his counts were pretty low. But the doc didnt sound worried so I wont worry...yet. But on a happy not. He is running all over the place. I love it. He chases us down the hall, then turns around and runs. I love it. He's learning so many new things everyday. Its exciting and a little sad in a way. He's becoming so independant already. (sighs) Well I 'm off to get something ready for my husband to eat. He should be home soon. Until tomorrow...
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