Flaugh's Flaws
Flaugh's Flaws

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Busy, busy Saturday

So yesterday we went shopping without any money. Gotta love that plastic...gift cards that is. We got lots of gift cards as some of our Christmas so we decided to go shopping. We hit up Old Navy for Scott where they were having some awesome sells. Lots of 50-75% off. I know we got like 6 shirts for less than $50. SO he now has enough new clothes to last awhile. Now he wants new shoes, his birthday is Tuseday so maybe he will get lucky. Our next stop was Target. Which was suprisingly busy for it being after Christmas. So we looked all over for something for Tanner, seeing it was his gift card. So after looking Tanner and Scott found this ugly thing
He's the boy version of the Doodle Bear. As you can see Tanner is already "doodling" all over him. But this one has removable body parts...as you can see the frog haning from its mouth (frog in your throat?) The brain comes out, the stomach, you get the picture. But he loves it. Go figure. After we got done at Target, we went to Toys R' Us (yes another card for Tanner) but the only thing we got with it was new sippy cups with Cars on them. He carries it around saying "trwuck". After shopping for everyone else we got to go to my favorite store, Barnes and Nobles. Wooo Whooo!! I could have spent all day there. I love books. I got Bridge to Terabithia, yes I know its a kids book but I wanted to read it again. Plus its on the banned book list so I wanted a copy. I also got Daughter's Keeper, a new planner for school, and I got the boys a books each too. Scott a Batman book, and Tanner a Spongebob Valentines day one. (I can never just shop for myself) Then we went and got their hair cut at my mother in laws. Well tried. Scott got his cut and Tanner needed one but it didnt turn out so good. I just wanted it trimmed up around the ears and the bangs trimmed. Well the bangs are short, but its okay. He just wouldn't sit still. He's still cute as always. I'll try to get a picture of him later. He's kinda of getting tired of me with the camera...he starts to hide or refuses to look up. Poor kid.


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