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Flaugh's Flaws

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Our Christmas...all 3 of them!

Our first Christmas...at my parents SO our Christmas started on the 23rd, we travled up to NC to see my parents. While we were there, there was also a family reunion of sorts for Christmas, so we stopped by. It was the first time for a lot of my family seeing Tanner. Of course he was a hit. But he wanted nothing to do with the adults, he wanted to play with the kids and the dog. While we were at the party, my cousin Geoffrey proposed to his girlfriend Alicia. So there's going to be a wedding. We didnt stay long, when we got back to my parnets house there was blackout, the whole neighborhood was dark, so we grabbed the laptop and played Disney's Scene it by candle light. Fastforward to Christmas Eve....we did presents:
Where we all made out like bandits. We made the mistake and let Tanner open his stocking in which there were 2 bags of DumDum suckers, and that's all he wanted "One peese" He also got the cutest Disneys Cars tv, lots of clothes, he got his own copy of the Polor Express...Scott got movies, a watch, shirts, a gift card to Old Navy, and a 5lb bag of twizzlers. And I got:

Yep I got me a laptop!! Yippee! I also got a cute bag to carry it in. Some earrings from my sister, a Vera Bradley purse, and a CD I've been wanting. (Told you made out like badits.)

Next, Christmas at our house....

After an awesome dinner with my family, we packed up my car, and headed home. We got there about 7:45pm. Unloaded the car, changed into our pjs, and had our Christmas. Scott had to be at work at 6:30, and he didnt want us to have to wake up at 4 to do Christmas, so we decided to it Christmas Eve.

So Santa, was good to us and Tanner got SO much stuff I need a bigger house just for the toys.
We had a great family Christmas. Tanner loved his Fisher Price activity center. (left) He played with it for hours. He got so many toys. He got a wack-a-mole game, an aqua doodle, tools for he tool bench, some cars...and other stuff I cant really remember. Scott got a belt buckle he's been wanting, new sun glasses, and he got me a beautiful necklace and matching braclet.

And our 3rd Christmas...the inlaws!!

And our Christmas adventure ends with Christmas at my in laws. Man oh man. I will say Tanner got more toys there than anywhere. Wow, I dont know what to do with them all. We gave some of his toys that he doesnt play with to good will and the Police station where my mom works, I'm begining to think we didnt give away enough. He got a Vtech Baby video game:

A little table and chairs set, a new toy box, a basket ball goal, and so much more. Scott got 2 new saws:
Jeans, and a new skeloton for his collection (dont ask). He got some other stuff too, but I cant think of it all right now. As for me... I got some new pots and pans, to go with the new silverware my mom and dad got us. I also got some new baking pans which I desperatly needed. I got lots of girlie stuff, and a new seat cover and steering wheel cover for my car. (If you look close in this pic you can see the necklace and braclet I got)
I have more pictures to post, I will try to upload them to Flickr soon, this post turned out a lot longer than I planned. I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas, and I hope Santa was good to you all.


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