Flaugh's Flaws
Flaugh's Flaws

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Our day at the park

Yesterterday Scott's best friend from high school called and said he had a four day weekend from AIT and he and his family were here visiting. And when the get the chance to visit we make it a point to do something with them. So we decided to go to the park with the kids. I dont know who had more fun, the kids or the 3 men or should I say big kids playing frisbee. It was like watching teenagers play. It was hilariaous. Tanner had fun. Ryan and his wife Crystal have 2 kids, Tyler who is 4 and Megan who is almost 3. I'm sure you can all guess who Tanner played with the most. Yep, Megan. They ran all over that park and when we moved to an opened base ball field so they had room to play frisbee...lets just say I've never seen Tanner run so much. He tried to play with the big boys. But he ended up back with the girl everytime. Me? I just had fun taking pictures. Speaking of which, I broke my camera. What am I going to do? I dropped while I was playing and the zoom button broke off, now it zooms in but it wont zoom out unless you turn it off. (Now I have an excuse to get a new one). We really did have a great day. We cleaned the house, and Scott got the grass cut. Tanner went to bed and stayed there again. He woke up about 6 tapped me on my arm and because I wanted to sleep in again...you know the story. But he slept until 930, I got up at 830. It gave me time to upload pictures and catch up on some reading. I'm getting Scott up at noon. So I have 3 hours of study time before he leaves. I have a test tomorrow. So I need the time....I'm almost wanted to ask his mom to keep him for a little while. We will see how that goes. Well I'm off. I'm going to clean the kitchen and start some laundry. Until later all.

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