Flaugh's Flaws
Flaugh's Flaws

Friday, August 19, 2005

Just rambling

Just Rambling Comments: 1 There hasnt been much going on. We spent the day cleaning and playing with Tanner. But he would rather play with his discovery block than us. He gets mad if we turn it off. Its funny. My friend Whitnee bought it for us for a baby shower present because her son Cade had one. I must say it is a wonderful toy, despite the fact that the littlest touch makes it sing. It has 6 differant sides, each has a differant shape, and it sings a song about each shape, how many sides and so on. Plus its soft so he cant get hurt on it. Which is great.I love watching him play with it. Secretly hoping the little tid bit of information will stick with him. I know that sounds awful. He's alomst 8 months old, but I already count with him and read to him. Point colors out to him. Some people tell me he's too young to understand. I guess I'm hoping that he will remember some of it and be familar with it when he needs to be...does that make sence? Ok well I'm done rambling. I'm going to bed. So I can get up and shampoo the carpet. Until later.....
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