Flaugh's Flaws
Flaugh's Flaws

Friday, November 04, 2005


SO...for those of you who know where I work I'm sure you've seen everything that is going on in the news. About the anti "insert name" here movie. Its so crazy. I mean every company has its problems so why bash this one. Granted sometimes I get fed up and want to quit, but I have been there10 years. That should say alot. I mean most of the people who work with me are long term associates. I dont know. It just starting bugging me recently that we're having to defend our place of work like everyday. UGGGHHH. Did I tell you that they made a positve movie about us? It took place at the one I work at. It was crazy having a movie camera...which I avoided like the plague...going around the store. Who knows if it will make a differance. I dont know why I'm ranting about work. Here latley it just makes me so tired. With the holiday season in full swing its just getting worse. Oh well. Everything is going good at home. Tanner has been a little fussy. I hope he's not getting sick. I was worried about him catching whatever Scott had last weekend. Or me. I dont want to be sick. But these past 2 days I have been so TIRED. Lovely or new, noisy neighbors are home...anyways I'm off. Later everyone.
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