Flaugh's Flaws
Flaugh's Flaws

Monday, October 31, 2005

Catch up from Friday

Well its been an eventful few days. I wake up Friday to find the cable has been cut off which means so has our modem. I was more than a little pist. So I call and blast them out because our bill wasnt due until today. So they kindly tell me they misprinted the bills and they were due Thurs. So I was like its not my fault you misprinted the bills, thats not fair to us. Yadayadayada....of course I didnt get anywhere. So thats why we've been off line for the weekend, because Scott didnt get paid until this morning. So we had our annual Oct. birthdays party. It was fun. Everyone got to see Tanner. Of course he loved that. He got to play with a 3 year old Ethan and he loved that too. I think Scott had more fun with confetti poppers than anything though. Saturday my parents brought Kristi down for a visit, which is cool. She will be here until a week before Thanksgiving. But when my poor husband woke up he could barely move. And when he did he got sick. Which was all day. He couldnt keep anything down. So he stayed at his mom's until I got home. He couldnt even keep down 7 up. So when we went home I put him to bed. Which was still pointless. He didnt want to go to the dr. (typical male) so I think it was midnight when I called the dial a nurse and she said he needed to go in now, since he had been throwing up for over 10 hours....so needless to say we spent the next 7 hours in the ER. Where they had to hook him up to IVs to rehydrate him. They gave him medicine through his IV that finally made him stop throwing up. They took xrays of his kidneys, prostate, stomach. They were worried because he hadnt went to the bathroom in 8 hours...but of course he didnt have anything in him. So he was poked and proded for them to say its a bug...a BUG. Which is a realife since they made me thing it could have been more seriouse. I was suppose to be at work at 7 am, and since we were still in the ER until 630 I didnt go. So our Sunday was pretty much a recovery day. Scott slept. He finally got up and ate some toast and drank some 7up and kept it down. So later we tried chicken broth and horray he kept that down too. So he's feeling tons better. I dont know if he'll go to work today. But at least he's feeling better. Well I' m off for the next two days so I'm sure I will be posting later. Especially with Halloweens pics. Until later ya'll.
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