Flaugh's Flaws
Flaugh's Flaws

Sunday, January 01, 2006

New Years Resolutions

I dont know why I bother with New years resolutions. I never keep them. My one for the year should be not to make one. But its tradition. Scott and I sit up and think about what we want to get done and TRY to do it. Besides from the normal...safe money, loose weight, type stuff. This year I would love to get the remodeling of our house done. I would love to be finished with it all by Christmas of this year. That means the yards and everything. I think we're starting the yard work this month. If I'm not mistaking. Next I want to make sure we start Tanner's savings account. We need one too. But I want his for school. College. Private school. What ever. I just want to make sure we start one. This may seem silly. But I really want to make sure we start reading with Tanner everynight. He's starting to bring books to us and I want to keep him interested in them. Even if its just a night time story. And finally I want to make sure we take him and us somewhere this year. Even if its just to the zoo. Okay so thats 4. Lets see how we actually keep. Just thought of another...stay on top of the house work instead of letting it pile up. Now lets see in 3 months how many of these we actually keep up with, WELL I have to get going its time for the little ones medicine. Hope everyone had a great new year. Until later.
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