Flaugh's Flaws
Flaugh's Flaws

Thursday, October 20, 2005

My list of 100

So I worked really hard to finish this on my last blog so I'm putting it on here.... List of Facts about ME 1. I'm 28....will be 29 in Feb. 2. I've been married for a year and a half 3. My son is 7 months old. 4. I am a natural blonde even though you cant tell now 5. I've got blue eyes 6. I love to read. 7. I love all music 8. I am a huge Harry Potter fan 9. Rascle Flatts " God bless the broken road" is my favorite song 10. I met my husband at Wal mart 11.I have 7 tattoos 12. I want 2 more 13. I have four more tattoos than my husband. 14. I hate my job 15. I have a little sister that lives with us 16. I have 2 dogs and a cat. 17. My favorite color is blue 18. I'm an army brat 19. I've lived in Germany and Holland 20. I spend more time on the computer than I should 21. I was a cheerleader for one season in high school 22. I love to take pictures. 23. I drvie a green hyndai accent 24. My favorite sporst are football, and NASCAR25. My favorite driver in Dale Jr. 26. I still have both of my parents (thankfully) 27. Both of my grandmothers are still alive 28. Both of my grandfathers have been dead almost 20 years 29 My wedding song was "A moment like this" 30 I am still friends with my best friend from 3rd grade 31 I am still friends with 2 of my best friends from high school 32 My favorite move is ...besides the Harry Potter ones is The Notebook 33. I love scary movies 34 I've seen Ozzy Osbourne in concert 35. I've also seen Korn and Marilyn Manson 36.I graduated high school in 1995 37. I have been in love so I thought 2 times 38 I have only been in TRUE love once 39 I believe there is only one person you are meant to spend your life with 40. I know all the words the play house disney shows... 41. I am a morning person 42. I live in Georgia, but secretly want to move back to NC 43. I've been to Spain, France, & Belgum 44.I've had my tounge pirced...not anymore but once upon a time 45. I love the fall 46. I love being cold and snuggling up under a warm blanket 47. I wish I would've gone to college 48. I am a very forgiving person 49. My favorite disney character is Tinker bell 50. I have never ridden a motorcycle 51. My kitchen is decorated in cows 52. I truly like my in laws 53. My favorite tv show is CSI las vegas....(I love all crime tv shows...especially the true stories)54. Ann Rule is my favorite author 55. I can honestly say that my sister is my best friend 56. I look at my husband every morning and I know exactly why I fell in love with him 57. I hate cleaning 58. I hate folding clothes even more 59. When I was in school I wanted to be a journalist 60. On our fisrt date, Scott took me to see Tears of the Sun 61. I collect faries and cows...what a combination 62. I love to scrapbook when I have time 63. I want to get rid of our 2 dogs and get a bassit hound 64. When I get upset I spend money....bad, bad, bad 65. Sometimes I feel like I'm not a good mom or wife 66. I am an aquaris. 67. I love to take pictures 68. I am liberal most of the time.....but once in awhile a conservitive idea agrees with me too 69. Sometimes I'm not sure if I want more kids 70.I havent been to church since I was 8 months pregnant...I really should go more 71. I belive in angels and ghosts 72.I belive that there are some real phsyics...but a majority of them are out for money. 73. I also belive in magic....or mysiticism whatever they call it now a days. 74. My favorite place in the whole world to be is locked up in the house with Scott and the baby 75. I think everyone should live life to the fullest because we are not promised tomorrow 76. I have come to realize that I am a jelouse person when it comes to those I love 77. I have a caffine addiction....if I dont have at least 3 sodas a day someone better have some exdrine 78. I can honestly say that I have no regrets in my past, everything I've done, or whatever has been done to me has put me on the path to where I am now. Happy. 79.I am currently taking a class for medical assisting so I can leave my current job. 80. My biggest wish is to be a stay at home mom.... 81. I am paranoid for my son to go to school now a days. Homeschooling sounds better and better 82. On my 21st bday I had 21 shot of tequilla....I dont remember much but I do remember that ...lol 83. I hate the taste of beer, and I only drink it after I'm buzzed. 84. I have not had a drink in over a year. I've not been drunk in about 3 85. Alcoholism runs in my family and I do not think it skipped me, thats why I dont drink often 86. I hate to be the only one who cleans, if I have to so does everyone else. 87. I dont answer the phone if the number does not show up on the caller id 88. When I go grocery shopping I absolutly hate coming home and having to put the groceries up...shouldnt there be a house elf for this... 89. I love to give my son a bath...seeing him excited about the water makes me laugh 90. I would love to have time to take a bath and realax, we have a huge garden tub, it would be nice to use it. Only 10 more to go...woo hoo. 91. I have come to realize here lately that I get offended easily by people I dont really know. 92. I absolutly think the most beautiful thing in the world is my son's smile.... 93. I dont usually cry over a song, BUT the Rascle Flatts song "Skin" makes me cry everytime 94. I dont usually admit it but I am a Star Wars fan...especially the new ones. 95. I love to write...it doesnt really matter what. Stories, letters, poems or in my blog or journal.... 96. I hate bugs....I'm not scared of them, I just really dont like them. 97. I love thunderstorms .98. My ideal evening is dinner and a movie with Scott and cuddling up in bed later on. 99. My favorite quote is from the movie " A walk to remember" "Love is like the wind, you cant see, but you can feel it. 100. I find it extremely hard to complement myself or tell anyone what I like about myself. YIPPEEE....I did it. 100 things. And just for fun 101. I never thought I would actually finish this list...lol. The views expressed by this user are not endorsed in any way by ModBlog, L.P.Current time is 9:02PM. Rendered in 0.056 seconds. ©1999-2005 ModBlog, L.P. ModBlog™: RSS Feed Report Abuse FAQ Privacy Team Submit Suggestions Contact Us
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